Phone-a-Friar student caller surpasses $300k raised for PC

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Phone-a-Friar student caller surpasses $300k raised for PC

Maddie Hanonik ’11 is a marketing major and sociology minor from Paris, France and graduating this May with honors. She participates in intramural basketball, and is a key member of our Phone-a-Friar team of student callers. As of February 1, Maddie secured more than 1,160 pledges, raising over $300,000 for PC in her 3 years of working for the Program. This is the most raised by a student caller in the College’s history.

Gifts to Providence College offer deserving students the opportunity of a lifetime to say "yes" to a PC education, secure resources to attract and retain world-class faculty, ensure that PC remains an educational institution of the highest caliber for future generations, and create exceptional places to learn, to live, and to grow.

Staci Bush, Program Center Manager with RuffaloCODY, expresses that many student callers have said that one of the main reasons they enjoy working in the Phoneroom, in addition to speaking first hand with PC alumni, is because they get an opportunity to meet fellow students whom they otherwise would never have gotten to know.  The Phoneroom is staffed with a diverse group of Providence College students – with callers ranging across the four class years, study a variety of disciplines, and participate in numerous on and off campus extracurricular activities.  Though they are all unique individuals, they’re also very much the same in that they are all outgoing and self motivated students driven by the desire to succeed and make a difference here at Providence College. So when they call, be sure to pick up the phone and say hi!

Brief interview with student caller: Maddie Hanonik ’11

How does donor support impact your daily life at PC?
Donors make an amazing difference at Providence College – no matter what size the gift is. So many of us get the opportunity to receive an amazing education at Providence College because of donor support. Also, the campus is beautiful - an extraordinary gym, well equipped buildings and classrooms, open spaces. And, what I enjoy most, is working with extremely intelligent and personable professors. So, thank you!

What is it like speaking with alumni on the phone?
Speaking with alumni on the phone is one of the best experiences in the Phoneroom, not only because I have a chance to reminisce with graduates who have gone through similar experiences as I am going through now, but also because they have extremely valuable life lessons to share. As a senior, life after PC is often on my mind and alumni share priceless advice on how to succeed in the real-world, and get me excited about the future. The most heartfelt part of speaking to alumni is hearing about their passion towards Providence College.

What’s the best part about being a part of the Phone-a-Friar Program?
The best part about being part of the student caller program is the atmosphere. Students who come to work are always in a good mood and happy to call. The interactive team-building activities we participate in not only motivate us to be the best callers we can be, but also help us get to know one another on a deeper level enabling us to be great friends. The atmosphere is always welcoming, pleasant, and sociable which makes coming to work a sheer pleasure.

Make your gift today online at and make a difference in the lives of students like Maddie.

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