1917 Society

Since its founding in 1917, Providence College has been blessed with loyal and supportive alumni and friends. For over 92 years now the generosity and concern of this growing PC family remains a great source of strength for the College.

In acknowledgment of those who have given so much over their lifetime, the 1917 Society recognizes cumulative lifetime giving to Providence College. Membership is extended to donors who have contributed at one of the four 1917 Society giving levels during his/her lifetime:

Platinum Torchbearer - $1,000,000 and above
Gold Torchbearer - $750,000 to $999,999
Silver Torchbearer - $500,000 to $749,999
Bronze Torchbearer - $250,000 to $499,999

The College is proud to recognize the 1917 Society for their lifetime philanthropic commitment to Providence College.

Platinum Torchbearers
John J. Accinno ’46 (dec.) and Jean
The Angell Foundation
The Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation
John B. Barnini ’40
The Champlin Foundations
The Arthur E. Coia Scholarship and Education Fund
William F. Concannon ’77 and Claudia Concannon
William R. Davis, Esq. ’52
The Feinstein Foundation
The Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc.
Rev. Joseph L. Lennon, O.P. ’40 (dec.)
Bernard G. Mondor (dec.) and Madeline Mondor
Chester T. Nuttall, Jr. ’55
Rev. Robert J. Randall
Robert F. Reilly ’42 and Mary Anne Reilly
The Fred M. Roddy Foundation, Inc.
Michael A. Ruane ’71 and Elizabeth Ruane
Edward L. Scanlon ’55 and Andrée L. Scanlon
Francis R. Trainor, Ph.D. ’50 and Margaret Trainor
Robert H. Walsh, D.Sc. ’39 (dec.)

Bronze Torchbearers
Anonymous (4)
John Bowab ’55
Vito D. Buonomano, D.D.S. ’53 and Dr. Louise J. Buonomano ’76G
M. Joseph Canavan ’65 and MaryBeth Canavan
Helena (Mrs. Paul) Cavanagh
Dr. Samuel J. Chester ’34 (dec.) and Esther Chester (dec.)
William J. Christie ’61 and Maryann M. Christie
Joseph M. Cianciolo ’60 and Judith H. Cianciolo
Dr. Thomas J. Coleman ’42 (dec.) and Bebette Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. James D’Addario and Family
David A. Duffy ’61 and Heidi Kirk Duffy
Stephen C. Duryea ’82 and Benedicte R. Duryea
John W. Flynn ’61 and Joan M. Brissette Flynn
Paul R. Galietto ’78 and Anne Marie Galietto
Thomas J. Gilligan ’57 and Marian Gilligan
The Hearst Foundations
Dr. Vincent L. Hughes ’48 (dec.) and Mrs. Eileen Menard Hughes
Steven J. Kalagher and Lynne Kalagher (dec.)
Thomas J. Keegan, Jr. ’80 and Patti M. Keegan
John F. Killian ’77 and Laura Killian
Alfred A. Lamy ’53 and Barbara D. Lamy
Joseph C. Martirano ’59 and Janet G. Martirano
Christopher J. Montalbano ’88 and Julie Montalbano
Edward M. Quinn, Jr. ’63 and Kathleen Reilly Quinn
Augustine C. Ramos, D.D.S. ’50 (dec.) and Anne Ramos
 Thomas J. Skala ’65 and Rachel Skala
William D. Slattery, Jr. ’53 (dec.) and Barbara Slattery
John D. Sullivan ’61 and Maureen Sullivan
Thomas J. Sullivan and Salsey Sullivan
Robert F. Tasca, Sr. (dec.) and Jo Tasca
Eugene T. Voll ’55
The Charles R. & Winifred R. Weber Foundation

Gold Torchbearers
Howard C. Bedford and Claire Bedford
William J. Godbout ’64
Hon. William C. Leary ’60 and Emily Leary

Silver Torchbearers
Anonymous (2)
Thomas C. Boyan, Jr. ’85 and Dr. Leann Boyan
Joseph M. Calabria, Jr. ’65 and Sugar Calabria
The Davis Educational Foundation
E. James Mulcahy, Jr. ’66 and Kathryn Mulcahy
The Naddisy Foundation
Robert J. Palmisano ’66 and Jane Palmisano
Kevin C. Phelan ’66 and Anne D. Phelan
Arthur F. Ryan ’63 and Patricia E. Ryan
Michael T. Smith ’65 and Jane E. Smith
Francis J. Sullivan ’67 and Judy Sullivan
Paul F. Wynn, Esq. ’65 and Linda E. Wynn

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