Student Life

Inspire community.

“In these four years, we have seen our daughter grow and mature as a person, a Christian, and a leader. She has taken from PC a wealth of knowledge, friendships, experiences, and wisdom. She has learned to take on challenges and opportunities with confidence and determination, while at the same time has gained a true appreciation of her ability to impact the lives of others.”

- Providence College parent, class of 2007

One hallmark of the Providence College experience is the sense of community that students encounter here. We are committed to creating an environment that encourages students to fully participate in campus life and supports their efforts to discover and strength the interests and passions that give meaning to life.

We need your help to:

  • create more gathering places where students can meet informally.
  • provide safe and reliable transportation to off-campus sites where students are engaged in community service.
  • support a wide range of student clubs and organizations.
  • strengthen our popular intramural and club sports programs.

Enhancements to these programs – as well as the launch of numerous emerging student life initiatives – depends upon the support of donors who believe with us that our students’ experiences of community during the formative undergraduate years will have a transformative impact on the rest of their lives.

Help build a deeper sense of community. Support Student Life.

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