Young Alumni St. Dominic Society

As a member of Young Alumni St. Dominic Society, you have the opportunity to support PC that will distinguish you as a leadership level donor amongst your peers.

The Young Alumni St. Dominic Society recognizes leadership giving based upon year of graduation.

2013 First Year:        $100+            Sixth Year:        $450+
2012 Second Year:    $150+            Seventh Year:    $550+
2011 Third Year:       $200+            Eighth Year:      $650+
2010 Fourth Year:     $250+            Ninth Year:       $800+
2009 Fifth Year:        $350+            Tenth Year:       $1,000+

As a member of the Young Alumni St. Dominic Society you receive:
  • Invitations to special networking and social events in various regional areas, and access to a live and online seminar series "Life After PC" tackling current and relevant work-life balance issues.
  • Exclusive communication from the Office of the President.
  • Prominent listing in the Providence College Annual Donor Report.

The College is grateful to its younger benefactors for making a significant impact on the College’s future.

Please contact the Office of Annual Giving with any questions at 401-865-1296 or
Providence College  1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02918-0001, USA    
T 401-865-2414