Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Story is telling. 

It reminds us that it was not to the rich and famous that God first revealed the birth of His Son, but to simple shepherds, whose name he would take as His own... the Good Shepherd, whose care for us is total, unconditional, and with no strings attached. 

What a grace for each of us this moment in time would be, if we took to heart the soul of a simple shepherd, open to embrace the Good News of an infant's birth, not as some lofty theological dissertation, nor as the core truth of our Christian Faith, but as a precious gift unlike any other, when a mysterious star appeared in the east and came to a standstill over a crib, holding time and eternity in a living, breathing, pulsating legacy of pure love.

Oh, if only we could live the Christmas Story as the shepherds did, all lost in wonder and silent awe, in the chill of a Bethlehem winter, when the cry of a newborn could be heard coming from a stable, near a little Inn, with a sign on the door that said it all: NO VACANCY

One question for us to ponder this Christmas 2011: Is that sign still up...or did we take it DOWN?


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