National Alumni Association

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The National Alumni Association Mission

  • To foster a spirit of association among alumni and provide opportunities for alumni to develop a life long relationship to Providence College by encouraging camaraderie through College activities, religious and educational programs and community service.
  • To assist and support alumni through recognized clubs, affinity groups and chapters or other groups in their integral role in continuing the bonds with alumni and in promoting the College traditions to current and potential students.
  • To work with the College alumni, student body, faculty and staff when appropriate to strengthen and advance the distinctive Dominican and Catholic identity of the College and otherwise further the mission of the College.
  • To assist the Office of Institutional Advancement in its expansion of the giving and endowment programs.

BOG Meeting Minutes
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October 25, 2013
May 18, 2013
February 15, 2013
October 12, 2012

National Alumni Association Council


Michael P. Lynch, Esq. `83

Charles T. Alagero `78
Vice President

William Hasler `79

Tracy A. Lynch Sullivan `85


Lisa DelPriore Bonalle `85

Meredith Strokes Calcagni `04

Mary Pat Larkin Caputo `79

Monica Clearkin `07

Rosanne Boyle Demas `05

Michael Joseph Donohue, Jr. `73

Thomas Donovan `61

Karen Monti Flynn `80

Charles Foster `71

Joseph Giovengo `98

Thomas M. Glavin `98

Pamela A. Greene `90

Mark F. Harriman `88

Leo F. Kennedy `04

Brian J. Lamoureux, Esq. `94

Kristen Martineau Meuse `98

Donald Naber `87

Thomas Nailor `12

Kelli O’Donohue `11

James A. O’Leary, Esq. `63

Patricia Doherty Wade `86

Kathleen Walsh Wynters `82


Robert Ferreira `83
Assistant Vice President Alumni Relations

Rev. John S. Peterson, O.P. `57
Alumni Association Chaplain

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T 401-865-2414