Meet the new New York Alumni Club President George Catrambone '05

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George Catrambone '05: New President of the PC Alumni Club of New York

Welcome George Catrambone '05 as the newest President of the Providence College Alumni Club of New York. Here's a little bit more about George and what his vision is for the future of the Club.

"I can't think of a better time than now to get involved and help with the rebuilding effort.  The simple truth is- the club's success is reliant on alumni providing their input and helping us take the next step forward." - George Catrambone '05

Hometown: Belmar, NJ
Occupation:  Assistant Vice President, Deutsche Asset Management, NY
Major/Minor: History/Business
Activities/Clubs (while attending PC): Student Congress - President of the Class of 2005, Board of Trustees - Student Affairs Committee, Residence Hall Association, Junior Ring Weekend and Commencement Steering Committees
How did PC help you to get where you are today?
Providence College provided me a great education, but more importantly a wealth of experience to rely on.  I would not be where I am today without the knowledge and relationships built at PC.
How do you feel about PC’s changes since your graduation?
The funny thing about all the changes PC has recently undergone is that a lot of the planning and work that went into improving the infrastructure on campus occurred during our class' four years there.  To that end, I think the administration did a good job taking into account student input on areas that needed improvement and keeping us involved throughout the projects.  I can still remember sitting in student congress meetings with Father McPhail, Bob Driscoll, Father Smith, and others discussing the importance of the changes PC was undergoing.  One of the most rewarding things since graduation is seeing those artists renderings and blueprints, turn into a something tangible that really enhances the Providence College experience.  The finished product instills a great sense of pride, as our class' senior gift contribution was put towards the Concannon Center effort.

Why did you step up to the position of New York Club President?
I stepped into the position because I think there was tremendous shift within the membership demographic of the New York alumni area.  It required someone who was willing to come in and take a fresh look at how the club operated, determine what areas needed improvement, and most importantly develop an action plan that adds value to the Providence College alumni experience in New York.
How will you approach the challenge of building membership?
Unfortunately there's no "silver bullet" that's going to increase membership from where it is now to where it should be.  We face challenges in that people want to get involved, but either: we can't reach them (due to old contact information), they don't have time, or in the worst case scenario they're still uncertain about the service we're trying to provide.  To that end, this is our one opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to area alumni, increase transparency about our mission statement, and gradually build some momentum that will expand membership (and retention) rates.
What programs would you like to see more of?
There has to be more programs that assist alumni in "networking."  That's a very opaque word, but I don't think it necessarily translates into a career fair atmosphere.  It can take place at basketball gamewatch or manifest itself at something more meaningful like a "PC Mass" at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Whatever the event we need to find a way to connect alumni in a way that allows them to achieve their goals alongside PC.  That's the great thing about being an alum, our success is the school's success.  We also need to do a better job using the infrastructure within New York City to hold events, places such as: Yankees Stadium, the Met, Lincoln Center, Arthur Ashe Stadium, etc. are all great venues.
What is your goal for your first term as a new club president?
My goal is to increase active NY Club membership by at least 100% over the current figure.  That's something I'm very serious about, as our current membership represents such a small percentage of registered alumni in the area.  As I mentioned earlier, we need to do a much better job re-engaging alumni and providing a more meaningful outlet for them to get involved and stay involved.
Why should alumni/ae get involved with your club?
The message needs to be, it's not "my club", it's their club, and as part of that I'd like all alumni to feel like their stakeholders in helping make things better.  Analogous to some of the changes PC has undergone over the last 5-10 years, the club is embarking on a journey that will hopefully accomplish similar goals.  As part of those ambitions, I can't think of a better time than now to get involved and help with the rebuilding effort.  The simple truth is- the club's success is reliant on alumni providing their input and helping us take the next step forward, so I'd encourage those  interested to please reach out to me and/or attend our next meeting.

Please contact George to get involved with the Providence College Alumni Club of New York at:

Providence College  1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02918-0001, USA    
T 401-865-2414