Mal Brown Dedication

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Mal Brown Dedication

On October 22, members of the National Alumni Association Greater Providence Area "Mal Brown" Club including more than 35 alumni and their families, gathered together at St. Dominic Chapel to pay remembrance to Mal Brown.

He is buried in Amherst, MA without a headstone. And now, nearly 72 years since his passing, through generous contributions by alumni, the Club was able to purchase one to place at his grave site.

History of Mal Brown

Malcolm H. Brown was born in 1905 in Amherst, Mass., and began his collegiate career at Connecticut State College. He soon decided to move on to Providence College, where he would spend the next six years. It was at Providence where he converted to Catholicism and where he took nothing more serious than his faith.

Mal was always seen enjoying life, walking around with a smile on his face and laughing whenever he could. His trademark was his derby hat, which he wore just about everywhere.

He was there for every athlete, on the sidelines for every game. It was said that there “was no better or quicker trainer.” He was accepted as one of the gang by all the players and coaches and was often in their company even if there were no sports being played.

Mal contracted the typhus germ in September of 1939, and this was one opponent he could not overcome. Despite all the prayers, Mal succumbed to the disease on October 19, 1939.  He was eulogized as “the pinnacle of what PC is all about: Humanity.”

Mal spent his life in service to all of Providence College’s athletes and asked very little in return. Service, loyalty, and caring were what he was all about. In 1956, the Providence College National Alumni Association officially recognized the Greater Providence Chapter of the PC National Alumni Association as the “Mal Brown Club” so that Mal will continue to live on for many years to come.

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