Identity Theft Reality

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Identity Theft Reality

Once thought to be a crime only of credit card fraud, the truth is that identity theft goes well beyond someone illegitimately using a person’s credit card account to illegally purchase goods and services. In fact, is not limited to only financial matters. There are many types and variations of the crime, so now even courses exist to educate Identity Theft Specialists about all the many different forms. Now, Americans are faced with the worry that someone may use their Social Security Number to obtain employment or even for tax evasion purposes. They also fear that their children’s Social Security Numbers will be stolen and then sold to thieves to obtain credit for automobile purchases or apartment leases. Thieves even use others’ identities to obtain medical services.

How devastating it would be when you require medical attention to have the wrong information of file because it was altered by an Identity Thief! Your blood type listed may not be your blood type at all, not to mention life threatening data may also be altered! Yes, the crime has certainly evolved over the years. Fortunately, there is proactive protection available today that will ease our minds from one less worry. As a Providence College Alum, you are now able to purchase a discounted Identity Theft Protection Bundle, featuring nationally advertised LifeLock.

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