Introducing the 2010 Class Agents

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Introducing the 2010 Class Agents

The Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce the 2010 Class Agents - Jacquie DeSisto, Kevin Higgins, Christopher Huber, Angela McCaffrey, Cordelia Nagle, and Benjamin McGuirk Wagar.

Over the next five years, these Class Agents will help to improve the relationship and communication between alumni and the College; establish leadership within the committee structure for the Reunion Program; raise awareness of the importance of the PC Fund to Providence College; and raise the effectiveness of the Office of Alumni Relations staff by working with class leaders. Class agents are an essential part of the alumni experience and help bridge the gap between Providence College and the graduating classes.

The Office of Alumni Relations is currently revitalizing the Class Agent program, and are in the process of contacting existing Class Agents. Learn more about the Class Agent program.

2010 Class Agents

Jacquie DeSisto '10
Hometown: Barrington, RI
Occupation: Class Campaigns Associate, Brown University Advancement Office
Activities/Clubs/Sports (while attending PC): Student Congress, Writing Center Writing Tutor, Admissions Ambassadors, Summer/Academic Year Admissions Assistant, Dirigo Leadership Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society, and Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society

What do you miss most about Providence College? I miss having the opportunity to learn something new each day.  Whether it is something I learn from a professor in class, at one of my jobs on campus, or even from the various people I had the pleasure of meeting.  I miss the academic setting because I really love to learn.

What is one piece of advice you have for current students as they look ahead toward becoming young alumni? Current students should try to have as many different experiences as they can, whether it is through their classes, clubs or activities.  All of these experiences will help you to decide what you want to do in the future and you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of different people who can offer you different perspectives.

Kevin Higgins '10
Hometown:  Hingham MA
Occupation: Treasury Analyst, EMC Corporation
Activities/Clubs/Sports (while attending PC): Future Friar Executives (FFE) – Executive Board, Friars Lecturn, PC’s Toastmasters, Investments Club, economics tutor, served on the first PCSB’s Student Advisory council, and student manager of the men’s ice hockey team for two years.

How did PC help you to get where you are today? PC gave me the opportunity to learn numerous skills during my tenure.  It gave me the opportunity to learn more about my interests and potential career paths, and provided the resources to translate those ideas into actions.

How did you end up in your career field? Explain what your position entails. I was a double major at PC with a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Finance, and my interest in both those fields led me towards my current career choice.  I currently work in the Treasury division at EMC Corporation.  My role is to assist the Foreign Exchange team with currency hedging and to also provide various operational activities for cash management and other treasury functions.

How do you think you can help PC today? I think I can help PC by being a resource for any student looking for insight and advice on a young graduate making the transition into the “real world”.

Christopher Huber '10
Hometown:  Pearl River, NY
Occupation: Program and Project Management Administrator
Activities/Clubs/Sports (while attending PC): Friars Club, Student Congress, The Cowl

How did you end up in your career field?  Explain what your position entails. I was able to gain a wide spectrum of knowledge in the business field as a Management major at Providence College. I started at my company as an intern, for two summers, and returned after graduation to work in the Program and Project Management Office. I assist the department on multi-project programs that are crucial to the longevity and success of the company, while studying for my CAPM (Certified Associate Project Manager).

What do you miss most about Providence College? I definitely miss the people the most. It is a sad feeling not being able to walk around campus and be able to say to hi to so many wonderful people. The atmosphere at Providence, which is attributed most to the people of Providence, make it very unique, something that I have not experienced anywhere else and I will miss greatly.

How would you encourage other young alums to become more involved with PC? Get involved. Reach out to your alumni group, wherever you are located. Go to the events that the groups plan to meet people and learn what the groups do. It’s a great way to meet and network with people in your area, and a great way to keep in touch with the school.

Angela McCaffrey '10
Hometown: Essex Fells, NJ
Occupation: Junior Associate at Location Matters Inc. in San Diego

Activities/Clubs/Sports (while attending PC): Junior Ring Weekend (JRW) Core – Ring Chair, Friars Club, Field Hockey Intramurals

What do you miss most about Providence College? I miss the tight-knit family feel that defines the Friar community at Providence College. At PC, you are constantly surrounded by people that only want the best for you, and you are always challenged to set high personal, spiritual and academic goals for yourself.  You are encouraged by friends, professors, priests, lunch-ladies, security guards and coaches to be the best person you can be in every sense of the word. As I learn more about the "real world", I realize more and more how rare this sense of unity and community really is and I am grateful that I can still rely on the Friar family for the rest of my life even after having graduated.

How do you think you can help PC today? The best way that I can help PC today is by staying connected and involved with current and past students, as well as the College itself.  It is crucial to keep in contact and attend alumni events in order to keep the memories alive and maintain a Friar loyalty between classmates even after graduation. Furthermore, in being involved with the Office of Alumni Relations, I have learned how impactful every single donation is, no matter how big or small. I will make sure to donate every year so that future students can be assured to have the same, if not better, experience that I was blessed with at PC.

How do you stay connected with Providence College? The most convenient and accessible way for me to stay involved with PC is to utilize social networking and the Internet. I frequent PC's official alumni site, the Young Alumni group on Facebook, and have joined the New York alumni group online, and I am constantly being updated with events, news and announcements about PC and its current and past students. I also plan to attend the networking events held in my area so that I can see old friends and meet other alumni as well.

Benjamin McGuirk Wagar '10
Hometown:  Troy, NY
Occupation: Financial Analyst, AYCO: A Goldman Sachs Company
Activities/Clubs/Sports (while attending PC):  PCTV, Habitat for Humanity, Project Liberia, Clubs: Soccer, Kickball, Basketball, Football, Dodgeball.

How did you end up in your career field?  Explain what your position entails. I am a Financial Analyst for The AYCO Company L.P, which is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs.  My responsibilities include wealth management, investments, estate planning, retirement planning, etc.  I eventually want to earn a master in International Economics or International Relations.  Working for AYCO is a lucrative professional and educational experience that will help me reach my goals.

What is one piece of advice you have for current students as they look ahead toward becoming young alumni? Never waste a moment! Whether it is a personal, professional, academic or athletic opportunity, every opportunity is a chance to learn more about you and continue to grow.

How would you encourage other young alums to become more involved with PC? Attend alumni functions, support the Friars athletic programs, offer shadowing opportunities to current Friars, and continue to feed back into the community that developed you into the person you are for the four years you spent at PC.

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