PCSB in the snow

Edition 3 | January 2017

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BACK IN FRIARTOWN… You might consider coming back for your MBA after hearing about the recent changes to the new business school…

Check out the updates and images here!

Calendar iconMARK YOUR CALENDARS… and add a FOLD pint glass to your collection during Alumni and Family Weekend!

Gather with FOLD and fellow Friars to celebrate PC’s centennial year during Alumni and Family Weekend. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities  to gather with your friends, AND receive your exclusive FOLD pint glass.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? For those of us who have broken our resolutions on day 13, here is some motivation from one of FOLD’s finest, Francisco Oller ’16.

Check out his inspirational message here.

GIVE IT A READ.  Be like Beyonce…

Or at least run your career like her.  Read about how Beyonce’s success can be related to your own life. You won’t be “sorry.”

FOLD SPOTLIGHT: When your laundry change transforms into a monthly paycheck…

Read about how class of 2016 graduates, Nicholas Feloney and Tyler Gustafson, created a small laundry business on campus that has continued to flourish even though their time at PC has ended.