Tavares at Dancing Through the Decades

Edition 5 | May 2017

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Torch iconBACK IN FRIARTOWN… Senior Farewell Drive. Harkins Balcony Photo-op. All the things we didn’t do for you but you wish we did.

Follow @PC_FOLD on Twitter to see some of the new “Welcome to the FOLD” events that took place for the Class of 2017!  You can also check out the highlights of the Harkins Photo-op here.

Calendar iconMARK YOUR CALENDARS… Never heard of Tavares? Doesn’t matter! We know you’ve seen Charlie’s Angels or dressed up like them one college Halloween…

Watch them live and dance the night away at Dancing Through the Decades on Saturday, June 3rd!

Eye iconHAVE YOU SEEN THIS? The view from Al Mag is slightly different than this class’s adventure to Belize.

See highlights from their trip.

Book iconGIVE IT A READ.  Find yourself constantly listening to that “voice” in your stomach? That’s your gut, and it’s your best friend.

Go with your gut and find out why.

Spotlight iconFOLD SPOTLIGHT: It only takes one…

See how Kenneth Chabert ’10, through his Gentleman’s Retreat, has helped provide boys from urban settings new pathways to self-sufficiency.