Catechetical Resources

For those alumni who are interested in deepening their theological education, there are some programs and/or courses offered on the internet that may be of interest.

  • is offered by Bishop Robert Barron ’13Hon. Among his resources are videos, homilies, articles, and films. It is an excellent source for Church teaching, contemporary culture, and strategies for evangelization.
  • Another source aimed at young adult Catholics and others is a podcast found at Young Jesuit seminarians and priests offer intelligent commentary on Catholic life and issues.
  • A more sophisticated website is This is offered by Rev. Robert J. Spitzer, the former president of Gonzaga University, and is a catechetical website that confronts the rising tide of unbelief. Its modules correspond to fundamental apologetics in light of modern scientific methods.
  • is the website of the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph and offers information about the Dominicans as well as meditations, homilies, podcasts, and references to articles in the publication Dominicana.