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Office of Institutional Advancement Divisional Contact Information

Office of the Senior Vice President

Joseph Brum ’68
Special Assistant to the President for Development Projects
Phone: 401.865.2411
Email: joebrum@providence.edu

Nicole Garofalo
Senior Office Assistant
Phone: 401.865.2414
Email: ngarofal@providence.edu
Maura McGuinness
Senior Executive Assistant
Phone: 401.865.2290
Email: mmcguin3@providence.edu

Anthony Miccolis ’13G
Director of Operations
Phone: 401.865.2415
Gregory Waldron
Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Phone: 401.865.2290

Office of Alumni Relations

Mary Cairns
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.1097
Email: mcairns1@providence.edu

Robert Ferreira ’83
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations
Email: rferreir@providence.edu
Sarah Firetto ’03
Director, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.1815
Email: sfiretto@providence.edu

Marie Louie ’14 & ’16G
Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.2954
Email: mflego@providence.edu
Brittany Donahue ’11
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.2835
Email: bmchale@providence.edu
Joanne McNamara ’94
Senior Office Assistant, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.1909
Email: jmcnama7@providence.edu

Rev. J. Stuart McPhail, O.P. ’61
Associate Alumni Chaplain
Email: alumni@providence.edu
Gail Paras
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.2407
Email: gparas@providence.edu
Rev. James Quigley, O.P. ’60
Associate Alumni Chaplain
Phone: 401.865.2397
Email: jquigle2@providence.edu

Patrick Walker
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Phone: 401.865.2706
Email: pwalker2@providence.edu

Office of Development

Lynne Fraser
Assistant Vice President, Development
Phone: 401.865.1534
Email: lfraser1@providence.edu

Joseph Hulbig ’96
Director, Principal Gifts
Phone: 401.865.1171
Email: jhulbig@providence.edu

Kaitlyn A. Richardson
Administrative Assistant, Development
Phone: 401.865.2806
Email: krichar8@providence.edu

Office of Annual Giving

Courtney Capizzo ’97
Associate Director, Annual Giving
Phone: 401.865.1580
Email: ccapizzo@providence.edu

Bianca Danello ’17
Senior Office Assistant, Annual Giving
Phone: 401.865.2536
Email: bdanello@providence.edu
Mary-Ruth Foley
Associate Director, Annual Giving Communications
Phone: 401.865.1512
Email: mfoley18@providence.edu

Mark Gasbarro ’97
Associate Director, Parent Programs
Phone: 401.865.2066
Email: mgasbarr@providence.edu
Tara Harrington
Associate Director, Annual Giving
Phone: 401.865.2290
Email: tharrin2@providence.edu

Megan Hassenfratz
Senior Office Assistant, Annual Giving
Phone: 401.865.1296
Email: mhassenf@providence.edu

Jenna Lemoi
Development Associate, Annual Giving
Phone: 401.865.1095
Email: jlemoi@providence.edu

Sarah Osowa
Director, Annual Giving
Phone: 401.865.2252
Email: sosowa@providence.edu

Office of Major Gifts

Lindsey Anania
Senior Office Assistant, Major Gifts
Phone: 401.865.2248
Email: lrogers2@providence.edu

Paul Calle ’12 &  ’14G 
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: 401.865.2768
Email: pcalle@providence.edu
Maureen Donaghey ’86
Senior Philanthropic Officer
Phone: 401.865.2998
Email: mdonaghe@providence.edu

Steve Duryea ’82
Senior Philanthropic Officer
Phone: 401.865.2806
Email: sduryea@providence.edu
Andrea Keefe ’03
Director, Major Gifts
Phone: 401.865.2165
Email: andrea.keefe@providence.edu
Jon Stagnone ’91
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: 401.865.2118
Email: jstagnon@providence.edu

Office of Engagement

Kathleen Baer ’79
Assistant Vice President, Engagement
Phone: 401.865.2169
Email: kbaer@providence.edu

Jacqueline M. Gilman ’87
Dev. Coord., Engagement and Planned Giving
Phone: 401.865.1514
Email: jgilman1@providence.edu
Therese C. Reilly ’83
Director, Constituent Engagement
Phone: 401.865.2557
Email: treilly7@providence.edu

Allison Rubin ’00
Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations
Phone: 401.865.2516
Email: arubin@providence.edu
Dawn Terry
Administrative Assistant, Engagement
Phone: 401.865.2514

Office of College Events

Tara Baxter
Assistant Director, College Events
Phone: 401.865.1948
Email: tbaxter@providence.edu

Deirdre Driscoll-Lemoine ’98G
Director, College Events
Phone: 401.865.2700
Email: dadrisco@providence.edu
Melissa Lemoi ’13
Event Production Coordinator
Phone: 401.865.2995
Email: mmangion@providence.edu

Shannon O’Neill ’10G
Assistant Director, Development Events
Phone: 401.865.2804
Email: soneill6@providence.edu
Amanda Talbot ’15
Event Production Coordinator
Email: atalbot@providence.edu

Office of Corporations and Foundations

Qjaquice Brantley ’13
Senior Office Assistant, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Phone: 401.865.1087
Email: qbrantle@providence.edu

Molly Deschenes
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Phone: 401.865.2074
Email: mdeschen@providence.edu

Simon Mounsdon ’18G
Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Phone: 401.865.1428
Email: smounsdo@providence.edu

Office of Advancement Services

Andrea Adamo
Gifts Processor
Phone: 401.865.2405
Email: aadamo@providence.edu

Adrienne Aubin
Administrative Assistant, Advancement Services
Email: aaubin2@providence.edu
Barbara DelVicario
Data Processor
Phone: 401.865.2412
Email: bdelvica@providence.edu

Tom Dickinson ’10
Assistant Director, Data Services and Training
Phone: 401.865.2771
Email: tdickins@providence.edu
Tracy Gale ’95
Research Analyst
Phone: 401.865.1246
Email: tgale@providence.edu
Cynthia Hoerter
Gifts Processor
Phone: 401.865.2827
Email: choerter@providence.edu

Casey Johnson
Assistant Director, Reporting and Data Analysis
Phone: 401.865.2831
Email: cjohns14@providence.edu
Cate Latz ’13 & ’17G
Assistant Director, Prospect Research & Management
Phone: 401.865.2905
Email: clatz@providence.edu
Christy McCallum
Assistant Director, Gift Operations
Phone: 401.865.2845
Email: cmccallu@providence.edu

Kate Ryffranck
Senior Associate Director, Advancement Services
Phone: 401.865.2089
Elyssa Sykes Bidwell
Data Processor
Phone: 401.865.1254
Colleen Whelan ’92
Director, Advancement Services
Phone: 401.865.2921

Office of Athletic Development

Kevin Connolly ’04
Assistant Athletic Director, External Relations
Phone: 401.865.1090
Email: kconnol4@providence.edu

Jennifer Cunningham ’10G
Assistant Athletic Director, External Relations
Phone: 401.865.1880
Email: jcote4@providence.edu
Steven Napolillo ’98
Assistant Vice President/Senior Executive Associate Athletic Director, External Relations
Phone: 401.865.2677
Email: snapolill@providence.edu

Harold Starks ’86
Athletics Alumni Relations Coordinator
Phone: 401.865.2860
Email: hstarks@providence.edu
Susan Wagner ’16P
Administrative Assistant, Athletic Development
Phone: 401.865.2833
Email: swagner2@providence.edu