Aquinas Hall Fire

 Aquinas Fire memorial plaque

In Memoriam

Let us remember and pray for:

Kathryn Jean Andresakes ’80
Jacqueline Luiza Botelho ’79
Barbara Jean Feeney ’81
Donna Bernadette Galligan ’81
Sallyann Garvey ’81
Gretchen Kay Ludwig ’81
Catherine Anne Repucci ’81
Laura Marie Ryan ’81
Deborah Ann Smith ’78
Dorothy Anne Widman ’81

and for all those impacted by this fire, especially:

Rev. John S. Peterson, O.P. ’57
Dr. Donna T. McCaffrey ’73G, ’83Ph.D., ’87G
Very Rev. Thomas R. Peterson, O.P. ’51, ’85Hon.
Rev. Francis D. Nealy, O.P.
Rev. Thomas J. Ertle, O.P. ’53, ’82G, ’84Hon
Rev. Walter J. Heath, O.P.

2023 Aquinas Fire Memorial Mass

Reflection by Martha Reynolds ’80

Aquinas Fire Memorial Plaque Photos

Aquinas Memorial Plaque