Class Agent Program

The Class Agent Program is designed to build excitement, encourage participation, and create awareness about the need for philanthropic support for Providence College. The goal is to create positive and successful energy around giving back to PC in non-reunion years with a focus on raising support for The Fund for Providence College, PC’s annual fund.

Class Agent Purpose:

The purpose of the class agent program is to increase the number of undergraduate alumni making gifts to PC in non-reunion years. Class agent work will focus on class and/or cross-class solicitation to renew support from classmates who donated in the previous fiscal year, and acquire support from classmates with an identified capacity to donate.

Class Agent Term:

  • Class Agent work will operate on a July 1 – June 30 calendar, coinciding with the College’s fiscal year.
  • The class agent term will run for four years leading up to the next reunion cycle with the understanding that a class agent will serve as a member of the reunion committee. At this juncture, the class agent term can be renewed.
  • If a class agent is unable to fulfill assigned duties, PC reserves the right to reassign the tasks to another volunteer.

Class Agent Responsibilities:

  • Lead by example and make a gift to The Fund for Providence College.
  • Educate alumni on the importance of supporting PC through Annual Fund gifts.
  • Personally contact a pool of at least 20 classmates to encourage participation.
  • Utilize moments of urgency (Giving Tuesday, Calendar Year End, Giving Day, Fiscal Year End) and solicitation materials (toolkits, phone scripts, google sheets) provided by PC staff to cultivate long-term relationships and effectively solicit classmates.
  • Regularly report your attempts at outreach and the results of your conversations with classmates to your staff liaison.
  • If possible, attend the initial class agent meeting and training on-campus.
  • Participate in 4 – 5 conference calls annually.
  • Assist with updating alumni bio information to maintain accurate records.
  • Steward gifts received through personal outreach, such as thank you calls and notes.


The PC staff liaison will provide training, reference materials, and information to assist with outreach to classmates. They will work closely with you to ensure that the time commitment is manageable and that the experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

Class Agents

Class of 1962
Tom Vest,

Class of 1965
John McElroy,

Class of 1966
Tom Carty,
Ed Dayton,

Class of 1968
Joseph Brum,

Class of 1971
Chuck Borkoski,

Class of 1974
Peter Meagher,

Class of 1975
Christine Mahoney Hughes,

Class of 1976
Mark Patterson,

Class of 1982
Larry Brown,

Class of 1983
Michael P. Lynch

Class of 1985
Mary Leary McNiff,

Class of 1988
Marjorie Ann Alutto,

Class of 1989
Steve Savino,

Class of 1992
Dan Dena,

Class of 1993
Barbara Regan Glinka,

Class of 1995
Lisa Fideli,

Class of 1996
Leslee DuPont Ruggeri,

Class of 1997
Mark Gasbarro,

Class of 1999
Matt Toole,

Class of 2004
Lauren Wholly Marquis,

Class of 2007
Courtney Hanks,
Matt MacNeil,

Class of 2009
Meghan Brookes,

Class of 2010
Michael Hopkins,

Class of 2011
Nick Mikula,

Class of 2012
Lauren Podgorski,

Class of 2013
Kate James Cole,

Class of 2014
Mark Caprio,
Billy Ricci,

Class of 2015
Courtney McCurdy,

Class of 2016
Brigid Flaherty,

Class of 2017
Mackenzie Griffin,

Class of 2018
Cassandra Caggiano,

Class of 2019
Meghan Allen,
Caroline Cook,
Devon Guanci,
Elizabeth Sisk,

Class of 2020
Nicki Gass,
Rob Lesch,