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Student Alumni Ambassador Application Information

The mission of a Student Alumni Ambassador is to bridge the gap between the vast PC alumni network and the current student body, and support the College and its students’ experience through philanthropic initiatives and education.  Student Alumni Ambassadors will work collaboratively with the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) to further a spirit of engagement and philanthropy on the PC campus.  SAA endeavors to enhance awareness and understanding of the school’s needs, and most importantly instill a true philanthropic spirit in the students in recognition of and thanks for all the benefits PC has to offer.

Please read the following information to obtain a better understanding of the open positions in SAA. Applications are being taken for General Member positions and Vice President Positions.  


President – Formal leader of SAA, and active member of the National Alumni Association Council.  The President is the face of the Student Alumni Ambassadors, and will be the leading liaison between SAA and OIA.  The President will lead and execute all general meetings, and along with the Executive Vice President, will manage group communication and maintaining the internal points system. The President will also supervise the formation of SAA “families.”

Executive Vice President – The Executive VP serves as the right hand of the SAA President.  In any circumstance where the President can not fulfill their duty, the Executive VP will step in to execute their tasks.  The Executive Vice President is also responsible for volunteer management, ensuring that volunteers are present for all requests from OIA. Both the President and Executive Vice President will be responsible for supervising each of the six Vice Presidents (to be named below). 

Vice Presidents – The Vice Presidents of SAA will serve to further assist the Executive leaders in certain areas of expertise.  They will be required to meet bi-weekly, and will be required to meet a threshold of 20 points per semester.  Vice Presidents must apply and interview to obtain their role. If a student were to not be selected for a Vice President role, they would automatically be invited to serve as a general member. All Vice Presidents have the opportunity to form ad hoc committees throughout the year to support any projects/efforts.

  • Vice President of Marketing – Responsible for: all SAA social media accounts; providing relevant and steady content on SAA platforms; collaborating with the Office of Marketing and Communications to assist with projects on the alumni channels; enhancing the brand awareness of SAA on campus; marketing all initiatives that come from OIA.
  • Vice President of Programming – Responsible for: sitting in on committee meetings for all major signature events, ie. Forever a Friar Orientation, Homecoming, Friars Give etc.; offering relative feedback on behalf of the student body.
  • Vice President of Legacy Initiatives – Responsible for: communication with the Legacy population at Providence College; the Vice President must also be a Legacy student themselves (has a parent who graduate from PC); active involvement in all Legacy initiatives, ie. Forever a Friar Orientation, Legacy Welcome Events, Senior Legacy Dinner, etc.
  • Vice President of Campus Relations – Responsible for: providing a bi-weekly update on relevant programs initiated by other clubs and organizations; actively communicating with other clubs and orgs to offer alumni support in their programs where necessary; to inform the Executive President and Vice President when an alumni speaker will be attending campus, ie. an alumni is giving a presentation for the History Department.
  • Vice President of Regional Clubs – Responsible for: active communication with the regional alumni volunteers; providing an SAA update at any regional volunteer conference, or in monthly regional newsletter that comes from OIA; active engagement in local regional initiatives. 
  • Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Responsible for: actively participating in all DEI programming including planning committees and focus groups; Actively communicating with BMSA leadership; assisting with ensuring that SAA contributes to PC’s beloved community.
  • Vice President of Student Giving – Responsible for: This position will serve as the leader of the Student Giving Committee, a group of recruited members within SAA whose mission it is to educate and inspire a culture of philanthropy on campus.  The Vice President of Philanthropy will sit on any formal campus committees that involve Giving Tuesday, Friars Give, or other fundraising focused initiatives. The committee as a whole will be responsible for the following:
  1. Developing a greater understanding of the fundraising philosophy, strategy, and overall initiatives by attending monthly committee meetings in order to accurately and effectively educate and solicit classmates.
  2. The committee will strive to 100% giving participation in order to set an example within SAA and across campus.  Members are invited to commit to at least one gift each year to the Fund for Providence College.
  3. Generate awareness of the various fundraising efforts through personal outreach and social media, emphasizing the importance of supporting PC and giving back.
  4. Participate in Giving Tuesday (November 30th) and Friars Give (April 6th) initiatives to ensure success of giving days.

General Members – General member applicants are automatically admitted into the organization.  These ambassadors will be frequently called upon to volunteer in various roles throughout the semester, and must attend all monthly general meetings.  General members are required to meet a threshold of 15 points per semester (unless circumstances lend for change).  

Expectations of all members:

  • Attendance at all general meetings
  • Required participation as a volunteer during PC’s signature events: Forever a Friar Orientation, Homecoming, Reflecting Forward, Friars Give, Reunion Weekend
  • 100% giving participation, in any capacity, with-in the academic year
  • Other opportunities for volunteer service outside of signature events:
  • Greeting alumni speakers who visit campus
  • Participating in volunteer/donor thank you calls
  • Writing volunteer/donor thank you notes
  • Assisting with giving tables during moments of urgency: Giving Tuesday, “Give to What You Love,” Cap & Gown Day, Friars Give
  • Working hours in the SAA office in lower Slavin
  • Having lunch with alumni upon request from OIA
  • Assisting with event prep prior to major events
  • Participating in videos on behalf of OIA
  • Assisting with marketing initiatives on the alumni channels
  • Participation in local regional programs, such as networking nights
  • Volunteering at Legacy Events
  • Volunteering to check in guests attending the OIA basketball suite
  • Actively participating in relevant Friar T.I.E.S. (totally interactive engagement series) or virtual programs
  • Participation in summer welcome programs for the newest incoming class
  • Participation in various ad hoc committees or focus groups

*All applicants must re-apply for SAA each year.

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