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Greater Providence Area (Mal Brown) Club

Covering alumni in all Rhode Island counties.

The Mal Brown Club is the Greater Providence Chapter of the Providence College Alumni Association. A strong, active club built as the result of each member’s participation contributes toward the accomplishment of the goals of our Alumni Association. Because each alumni club represents Providence College, we must strive to be outstanding, seeking nothing less than excellence in all our activities. Club officers in leadership positions are volunteers working toward the goals of the Alumni Association and making them relevant to club members and the community.

The objective of the Mal Brown Club is to foster a spirit of association and fellowship among members and advance the mission of the College through its activities, including providing opportunities for alumni, alumnae and friends to come together and raise monies to support the Mal Brown Scholarship Fund

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Greater Providence (Mal Brown) Alumni Club Board Members:

Angela Carr `01, President
Liz Catucci `04, Vice President

Allison Behrmann ’07
Kevin Casey ’97
Amanda Garganese ’13
Andrew M. Lynch ’10
Bernie Manchester ’04
Jean Saylor ’84
Anthony Scorpio ’77 & ’14P
Dave Scorpio ’14
Tracy Tavares ’08
John Wolf ’13G
Richard Zabbo `00
Timothy Zabbo `02